The village Raamsdonk is a rural, farmer’s village with a population of no more than 2200 villagers. The layout, with the old village square, is still visible with it’s numerous old, characteristic farms.

The village is situated in the region of ‘De Langstraat’ (The Long Street), in North-Brabant, well known for its former shoe industry.

Typical for this region is the landscape with its long, narrow plots of land that are surrounded by alder hedges. Most of the areas are cared for by the Dutch State for forest and nature management. For people who love nature, walks and bike rides journeying through the area is a lovely way to enjoy the beautiful Dutch landscape.
For instance, the ‘Halve Zolen pad’ (Half Soles path) to Waalwijk gives you an opportunity to bike to the Nature Reserve of the ‘Loonse- en Drunense Duinen’ or Nature Reserve ‘The Biesbosch’.

If you love to enjoy the Dutch culture, have a great time in the oldest city of Holland: Geertruidenberg. There you can enjoy numerous interesting sights. Also, the bigger cities, like Breda and Den Bosch, are easy to drive to and the world famous Efteling Theme Park is only twenty minutes away by car.

The ‘Broeck’ estate across the road from the ‘Bergense Hof’, with its carriage museum and ornamental garden with artwork, is also worth a visit.

The Brocante Garden

Next door to the Bed and Breakfast is The Brocante Garden. In this historic farm dated 1704 A.D. you can find all kind of antiques and brocante. 



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